Hey I'm Joao my birthday is February 19, I'm Brazilian and Italian and Portuguese, I live in NY, I got 3 jobs, I attend Nassau Community College also you can say I'm really athletic, outgoing, fun, sweet, smart, and yes can be a bad (sexually wise duh) and for sports I'm on the football team and wrestling team then in spring 2015 I will be getting my associates degree and moving to a D1 school to play football and wrestle for them and get my Bachelors Degree and got a few D1 scouting me well thats a little about me if you want to get to know me more well just message me and what you will find in my blog is luxury, woman, sports, food, exotic views, some picures of me and things that I'm interested on oh yeah also I do film POV scenes so if you are interested you can message me but only serious inquires thank you and well hope you enjoy my blog and have a nice day !!!